DYCOMP - ECCCS – 3 2024

Welcome to DyCOMP2024/ECCCS3!

The joint event of the International Conference on the Dynamic Behaviour of Composites – DyCOMP and European Conference on Crashworthiness of Composite Structures – ECCCS will be held in Enna, Sicily, Italy, on 3-5 Sept. 2024!

About DyCOMP

DyCOMP stands as the pioneering international conference solely dedicated to exploring the dynamic behavior of composites. It provides a unique platform for researchers, scientists, and industry experts to share insights and advancements in this specialized field. We are honored to host the first edition of DyCOMP and excited to bring together global thought leaders and practitioners to delve into the dynamic aspects of composite materials.

Joint Event with ECCCS3

In a remarkable collaboration, DyCOMP joins forces with the European Conference on Crashworthiness of Composite Structures (ECCCS3), now in its third edition. ECCCS, initially chaired by Prof. Brian Falzon within the framework of the European project ICONIC (Improving the Crashworthiness of Composite Transportation Systems), has become a cornerstone in advancing the understanding of crashworthiness in composite structures. The collaboration between DyCOMP and ECCCS promises a dynamic and comprehensive exploration of the latest developments in the field, uniting the expertise of two distinguished conferences.

Join us in this groundbreaking event where DyCOMP and ECCCS converge to create a unique and enriching conference experience, fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and innovation.